• Educational/Teaching Management

    Job responsibilities:
    1.Responsible for information preparation and course arrangement of teaching tasks;
    2.Responsible for reception, arrangement and coordination of Chinese and foreign teachers;
    3.responsible for management of student status;
    4.Assist daily teaching management and coordination;
    5.Responsible for collecting and processing teaching-related information;
    6.Maintain good relationships with overseas universities and institution partners;
    7.Complete other tasks related to the post.
    Job requirements:
    1.Bachelor degree or above, foreign language major or overseas study background is preferred;
    2.With high level of professionalism and sense of responsibility, good communication skills and coordination skills, love teaching work;
    3.With good English skills and high proficiency in English;
    4.With strong teaching organization and management capabilities, strong ability to adapt, pragmatic and stable;
    5.Diligent with enthusiasm, patience, meticulous, team awareness and innovation;
    6.Excellent documentation ability, familiar with use of office softwares and daily office devises.
  • Administrative

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for personnel, administration and secretarial related work;
    2. Responsible for attendance, office supplies, documentation, equipment, equipment management;
    3. Work with team leaders to complete tasks;
    4. Responsible for office attendance management;
    5. Assist handling of dealings between industry and commerce, taxation and public security bureaus;
    6. Complete other tasks related to the post.
    Job requirements:
    1. College diploma or above, with enterprise management, administrative management, or science and engineering major background is preferred;
    2. More than one year working experience in similar areas;
    3. Understand basic workflow of personnel administration;
    4. Work experience in education or educational training industry is preferred;
    5. Good at communication and coordination, strong implementation skills, responsible and with team spirit.